Going away? Concerned that your dog will be stressed in kennels?

'Happy Dogs, Happy Holidays'

We are delighted to announce that we are in a position to offer home boarding. This is an alternative to kennels and is especially helpful for dogs that become stressed in a kennel environment or young and impressionable dogs.

Your dog/s stay with a member of the ICC team as part of their family whilst you are away (dogs must be fully vaccinated.) We also have limited places available for dogs that would not be suitable to live with another dog. This started because Christina spent years not going away because she didn't want all of her hard work with her young Great Dane to be undone whilst she was away with him panicking in kennels. Eventually her dogs started to stay with Debbie (a member of the ICC Team and good friend of Christina's) and Christina came to the conclusion that every dog owner should have a 'Debbie'. Now they can!

Interested? 1 – Contact Debbie or Lorraine 2 – Meet them and any dogs of theirs, go to their house and get to know them, 3 – Hand over your dog and enjoy your holiday! (If you're going away from more than a few days we recommend that your dog has a short stay with their holiday family for a day or two before you go away to allow them to get used to them.)

Cost - £20 per night for the first 4 nights, £16 per night thereafter. 50% discount for second or more dogs from the same household.

Contact -

Debbie (Near Spilsby / Skegness) 01754 830192 (Debbie also offers a home collection service covering a very wide area - and has facilities to look after dogs who are not sociable with other dogs.)

Lorraine (Near Grantham / Sleaford) 01400 230965.